After having won the Ideas that Matter Award as Judged by Proximity BBDO Belgium in 2011, a range of multinational clients as part of award winning media and event organizing companies along with Big Four companies have been served throughout the years: ranging from Dubai, The Middle East to Europe. With a Masters in Design Management, a collection of best practices have been collected that are ready to be shared with a wider audience.

Constant research involved European public design institutions, universities and companies integrating design departments into their structures. The work provides an intersection of design and organization development. The role of innovation teams and design has risen to creating strategic change within companies, leading transitions in process management, leveraging inner systems and changing mind- sets. New job descriptions are created; the role of design managers is reinforced and re-evaluated.

Driving further economic value, innovation teams transcend their classical role as the creators of products and services as an output, helping build cohesion, re-formulating long-term missions, visions and internal strategies.

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