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In today’s vastly growing knowledge based systems, our visual realm when coupled with the right tone of voice, a carefully crafted choice of words, a well-thought out storyline and an elaborate punchline can effectively deliver memorable key messages to our well-analyzed target audience. Taking our brand to the next level, communication and brand personality are everything.


Using customer-centered creative problem solving that involves rigorous research, prototyping and final delivery of design assets businesses can benefit from a new understanding of arising road-blocks.


Creating new strategies for service delivery, infrastructure and communication, businesses can learn to cater to the needs of customers, creating memorable interactions, increasing brand value and quality for a larger target audience.


Mood boards, ethnographic studies, design analysis, business canvases and other contemporary methods used to better understand the needs of your business to help shape the future steps taken to reach the needed target audience with the perfect brand elements.


In a classical conference setting, targeting groups of companies sharing similar aspirations, the design lectures can help improve your visions, missions and strategies while increasing your return on investment.


Lively, interactive sessions that can help you broaden the scope of your design knowledge, whether strategy or design implementation while networking with various stakeholders.


One-on-One sessions or group mentoring can revolve around various topics ranging from managing design assets to integrating design into company culture specifically catered to the needs of your company.


Small and Medium Sized Businesses Benefiting from Lilla’s Designs include : Guest Guru, Badacsony Borterasz and Think Hungary.

Social Media Posts varied among a range of clients some including High End Diamond Jewellery, Tourism, Real Esate Investment and Regional Conferences.

A Few Samples of Static Posts

Moving Images / Video Editing / Animated Content

Animated Content with Product Photography

Art Direction, Concept Creation, Copywriting

Projects could always be complemented by an artistic vision going through design research, crafting a design strategy, followed by concept creation, art direction – crafting the communication by chosing the right set of words along with tone of voice – before implementing the final product.

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